Importance of Shipra

Shipra River

Taking Bath in clean pious water does not only essential for external cleanliness but also gives mental peace and joy. Shipra River gives this same peace and inner joy. Shipra River is not sacred but a creator of the history of Culture.

क्षिप्रायाश्च कथां पुण्या पवित्रं पाहारिणी।

The Shipra Origination

Avanti kshtra Mahatamaya of the SkandPuran describes at length about the beginning and origin of Kshipra. This mythological story of the origin of Kshipra, Indicates the ancientness of Shipra and also the devotional belief in it.

Geographical Condition

As per reference, Shipra river originated from the Shipra kundi of Kewadeshwar Village which is situated at the bottom of kankari Bardi of Vindhyachal Mountain. But as per the prevailing belief of this region, the river is origination from the Aranya Kund of Aranyagaon of Nemawar in Indore District and from there it flows to Ujjain area. Shipra River is not a Seasonal one as its flow depends on the rains.

Shipra flows from South-East direction to North-east due to the Geographical formation of the plateau of Malwa and making a Border line to Indore, Dewas, Sanwer and Ujjain Cities, it enter into Ujjain at Nikewadi Village of Ujjain. After having travelled 210 Kms this sacred river finally merges itself into Charmanvati near Shipravaro (Sipavara) and during this journey, Shipra Merges into itself Khan river in near Triveni, Gambhir river near Melmundala, Gangi river at Hetalakhedi and Luni river near manthangarh.

It is as follows in Purans

क्षिप्रा सर्वत्र पुण्या•स्ते ब्रह्महत्यापहारिणी।

अवन्त्यां सा विशेषण क्षिप्रा हृयुत्तर वाहिनी।।

संगम नीलगंगाया, यावद्।

Means that both Ganga and Shipra originate the ‘Paadkamal’ (Thumb) of god Vishnu and there for Ganga is called ‘Vishnupadi’ and Kshipra is called ‘Vishnudehodbhava’. It is there for that am emotional relation between ‘Vishnupadi Ganga’ and Kshipra flowing in Vishnurpaadmvamtika’ is self justifying. Both river are Sisters and both rides on while crocodile as they have same religious importance. Both are equally sacred but Kshipra has little bit more importance as it flows in the city of Mahakaal.

तस्माद्दशगुणा रेवा, गंगा पुण्या ततो•धिका

तस्माद्दशगुणा क्षिप्रा पवित्रा पापनाशिनी ज्वरध्नी च।

In one Mythological story ‘Yamraaj speaks to his fellowmen (doot) about the sacred Kshipra flowing in the forest of Mahakal. He further says that whosoever touches its water, gets rid of all his sins. All the sins committed mentally, physically and verbally are washed out merely by drinking its water. One can achieve shivatva if one pronounces its name devotionally. Because all these effects of Kshipra, it is called Jwaraghni, Papapghni and Sacred.

As Kshipra is the river of Shivkshetra, it is punyadayini. Mahakal and Harsiddhi situate in the area of Kshipra. It has the sacred Mahakal forest with five distinction as Shamshaan, Ushar, Kshetra, Peeth and forest togatherly. Along with river Kshipra Saptasagar, situated in Ujjain, have their own mythological importance.