Culture & Heritage

Ujjain is ancient and historical city that is 5000 years old. It is described as the best city in Adi Brahma Puran and it is called mokshda and bhukti-mukti in AgniPuran and Garuda Puran. There was a time when this city had been a capital of a big empire.

This city has a glorious history. As per religious books this city has never seen destruction for the god of destruction Mahakal himself resides here. As per Garuda Puran there seven cities that can provide salvation and out of them Avantika city is considered the best as the importance of Ujjain is little bit more than other cities.

Ayodhya Mathura, Maya, Kashi Kanchi Avantika |
Puri, dwaravatiChev Saptetaha: Mokshadayika: ||

This city has a Jyotirling out of 12 Jyotirlings, one city out of seven salvation providing cities, Gadhkalika and Harsiddhi, the two Shakti Peeths, and sacred Kumbh that takes place in four cities of India. The cave of king Bhartari is found here and it is believed that Ujjain has foot prints of God Vishnu.

” Vishnaw: Padamvantika ”

God Rama himself performed his father’s last rites after his death at Ujjain and therefore the place where the ritual took place called ‘RamGhat’. The ‘Shahi Bath’of Simhasta takes place on this RamGhat.

As per Purans, Ujjain has many names 1. Ujjaini, 2. Pratikalpa, 3. Padmavati, 4. Avantika, 5. Bhogwati, 6. Amravati, 7. Kumudwati, 8. Vishala, 9 Kushasthati etc. There was a time when this city became the capital of Avanti Janpada and therefore it is known as Avantikapuri.

Great Scholars of varied fields like Kaalidas, Varahmihir, Banabhatta, Rajashekera, Pushpadanta, Shankaracharya, Vallabhacharya, Bhartahari, Diwakar, Kattayayan and Bhas had their association with Ujjain. Mughal emperor Akbar made this city his regional capital. Marathas ruled over here prior to 18th century. Sindhiya Dynasty rulers worked for the promotion of Hindu religion. In 1235, Iltutmish invaded and plundered this city. King Vikramaditya made this city his capital the great scholar od Sanskrut Kaalidas was in this court. In the years 1810, Sindhia shifted their capital from Ujjain to Gwalior. In this city itself king Bhartari took the “Vairaagya Diksha”. In Naatha Tradition of religious sect through his teacher Guru Gorakshnaath. For centuries, Ujjain has been a center of religion for Hindu, Jain and Buddha religion.

“Div: Kantivat Khandmekam”

Ujjain is described at length in SkandPurana and is considered the place of origination of Mangal Griha. As per AgniPuran, Ujjain is salvation giving city. It is a city of gods. As per SkandPurana, Ujjain has 84 Mahadevs, 64 YOGINIS, 8 Bhairavs and 6 Vinayakas. Great Poet Kaalidas praises the beauty of Ujjain and according to him Ujjain is a fallen part of heaven.

Scientific and natural importance of Ujjain

One great importance of Ujjain is its central location scientifically. Astrology began and developed in this centrally located city of Mahakaal.
Ujjain has provided the system of calculation of time to India and Foreign countries. This type of the natural geographical and astrological importance of Ujjain is needed to be understood.

Importance of Ujjain Geographically

On the beautiful bank of Kshipra and on the plateau of Malwa, Ujjain is situated at the height of 491.74o above sea level and at 23.11o longitude north and 75.50o East latitude. Ujjain has a fine moderate temperature and therefore the climate is found pleasant here generally.

Shaiv Mahotsav – A three-day Shaiv Mahotsav from January 5 to 7   will be organized in Ujjain. A symbolic samagam of all 12 Jyotirlingas during the festival. The festival begin with a grand Shobha Yatra with replica of all 12 Jyotirlingas on January 5.

Shravan Sawari – On every Monday of the Sravana month upto the Amavasya in the dark fortnight of the Bhadrapada and also from the bright fortnight of the Kartika to the dark fortnight of Magasirsha, the procession of Lord Mahakala passes through the streets of Ujjain. The last Sawari in Bhadrapadais celebrated with great pomp and show and draws attendance of lakhs of people. The procession of Mahakala on Vijaydasami festival visiting the celebrations at Dashahara Maidan is also very attractive.
Kalidas Samaroh :- Kalidas Samaroh started on in the year 1958, Kalidasa Samaroha is being celebrated every year at Ujjain. The government of Madhya Pradesh established Kalidasa Akademi at Ujjain in order to organize the Samaroha every year in keeping view of the memory of Mahakavi Kalidasa.