National Food Security Act, 2013

  • Competent Officer, Sub-divisional Officer Revenue for Urban Area and Tehsildar for Rural Area.
  • Claim submission date 02/08/2020 to 07/08/2020.

List of possible ineligible families for claim objection-

List of potential eligible families whose Aadhaar No. is to be lodged by the localbody by 6/8/2020-

  • Municipal Corporation Ujjain
  • Nagar Praishad Badnagar
  • Nagar Palika Mahidpur
  • Nagar Palika Nagda
  • Nagar Palika Khachrod
  • Nagar Palika Tarana
  • Nagar Parishad Makdone
  • Nagar Parishad Unhel 
  • Janpad Panchayat Ujjain Rural
  • Janpad Panchayat Ghatiya
  • Janpad Panchayat Badnagar
  • Janpad Panchayat Khachrod
  • Janpad Panchayat Tarana
  • Janpad Panchayat Mahidpur